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on them hoes


when is he releasing his mixtape

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Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

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Song: I Wanna Get Better
Artist: Bleachers
Album: I Wanna Get Better
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i wanna get better // bleachers

"i didn’t know i was lonely til i saw your face"

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god bless america


In any case you guys should go and follow:

-dancedanceinmypants (sanjana aka that indian girl i pick on a lot)

- warped-in-time (shubhangi aka that indian girl i pick on with her boyfriend)

Cute fact: you. You are cute and a fact feel better darling ヽ( ´¬`)ノ

Ahhghh phoebe pls

I can never ever think of actual facts for these kinds of things but my dog has always been a snorer, he sounded like a coffee pot when he was a puppy, and he's so loud that my best friend can't watch TV at my house while my dog is sleeping because he's too loud for her

Omygoodness thats so cute

What was your previous URL?



THIS is what i've been saying like sanjana is so fucking irrelevant but noooooooooooo none of you ever believed me bye



Fist me.

I was gonna make a poop joke but that would make me a shitty friend huh?

Wait I thought you and Sanjana were best friends?? What happened?


Haha we still are. I just love talking shit and making fun of her sometimes to balance out the ridiculous amount of love i have for her.

Its what makes the friendship work

Im sorry if i led you to believe that i truly dislike sanjana and shubhangi. Thank you so much for trying to stick up for me like wow???? Thats so sweet omg??

but tbh i dont hate anyone nor hold grudges to anyone in this world. So dont worry but thank you so much regardless i want to hug you for trying im sorry that im a piece of shit and misguided you.

Lets take this cat out of the bag (and place it down gently)

Dancedanceinmypants is Sanjana and warped-in-time is Shubhangi.

Both are two indian girls who i said that annoy the fuck out of me and refuse to leave me alone.

Although that may be true, the bigger truth is that they’re my best friends.

And while its been super fun, lets not be mean to them anymore (even though they totally deserve it.)

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